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The columns below illustrate my abilities in web design, brochures  and logo design.  Also, please roam this site--there are many functionalities, forms and features, all of my design, that more fully demonstrate my capacity to serve your needs.  To contact me for Website Maintenance or related needs, click here.
Thank you.  Peter Lopez









We can create a watermark, logo or graphic that appears to be stamped into the page. For an example click here.  

Or, we can emphasize your work with graphics or clip art�even your own pictures. 

Communicate with flyers & business cards: 

We can manage your business contact lists, perform mail merge, create labels and envelopes & develop flyers for all your business needs. Please contact us to help you design and publish your flyers & business cards .

To view a sample of our client's brochures, please click on the images below.  (use your back button to return to this page.)

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New Century Logo




Our logos, and the images above, are examples of 'digital collage' work.

We can design a distinctive logo for you or other art work of your choice.
Please contact us.

 Thank you,

Peter Lopez